The number of fishery symbols is updated daily. However, figures are subject to change if applications are currently being processed by Licensing.

FisherySymbolClassificationNumber of symbols
Aquarium fish (A1)A1Harvest41
Aquarium fish (A2)A2Harvest2
Beche-de-mer (East Coast)B1Harvest18
Crab (Other than Spanner Crab)C1Crab410
Crayfish and Rock LobsterRHarvest28
East Coast trochusJ1Harvest4
Juvenile EelsJEFreshwater12
Line (Great Barrier Reef)L2Line190
Line (QFJA No.1)L4Line46
Line (Reef - Limited)L3Line865
Line Multiple Hook-East CoastL8Line6
Line Oth Than Grt Barrier ReefL1Line222
Moreton bay trawlM1Otter Trawl46
Net (East Coast No 1)N1Net85
Net (East Coast No 3)N4Net5
Net (East Coast No 4)N10Net22
Net (Gulf of Carpentaria No 1)N3Net85
Net (Gulf of Carpentaria No 3)N12Net3
1 2 3

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