Public Register of Fishing Authorities

Queensland’s fisheries resources are a publicly owned resource. The Fisheries Act 1994 requires information on authorities (details of licenses, quotas and permits) to be available to be publicly viewed. FishNet allows the public to view the Register of Fishing Authorities.

You may also wish to inspect the register if you are buying a fishing licence, need information for a court case or tribunal matter, or are generally interested in how fisheries resources are being used.

However, there are rules that govern what type of information we provide. In general, we can’t give some private information, such as certain contact details, or information about where an individual actually catches fish.

There are other details, for example postal addresses of authority holders, that are not shown in this site but form part of the Public Register of Authorities. This information is available by contacting the Licensing Unit through the Department's Business Information Centre on 13 25 23.

Changes to FishNet Secure Sign In

As of 18 November 2021, you are required to sign in to FishNet Secure with your email address registered with Fisheries Queensland. If this is the first time you are signing into FishNet Secure and you have an email address registered with Fisheries Queensland go to the Register page.

See the help sections in the FishNet Secure menu for more detailed information on the sign in process.

If you need to update or can't remember your registered email address call 13 25 23

Using the commercial fishing app Qld eFisher

To use the app a commercial fisher licence (CFL) holder needs to be associated with a primary commercial fishing licence (PCFL) as a commercial fisher in control (CFIC) in FishNet Secure. This association links licence details to the app so information can be collected and reported for the licence/s by the nominated commercial fisher.

See the help section in the FishNet Secure menu for more detailed information about creating a CFIC association or the Qld eFisher webpage for more information about the app.

Licences & Permits

If you are considering purchasing a licence, you may wish to look at the details of the licence, in which case, this section will be useful.

If you are seeking information in order to decide whether or not to enter a fishery, it's advisable that you also contact Fisheries Licensing Team and ask whether there are any investment warnings current for the particular fishery, or if there are likely to be management changes made in the near future.

If your interest is in permits that have been issued, you can view the permit details, including conditions.


If you are considering buying quota from a current quota authority holder, you may wish to check an individual’s, or company’s permanent quota holding to ensure they have adequate quota units to transfer.


If you are looking for summary information, rather than details on specific individuals, companies or authorities, this section will be useful.

It provides standard reports, for example, details on how many fishery symbols there are and the overall quota usage for a given year.

You can also use QFish to examine, analysis and map data held by Fisheries Queensland.